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Remove an operating system entry from Windows 10 boot manager


If you removed a previously installed operating system, then you may want to delete its entry from Windows 10 boot manager.

Delete Windows Vista/7/8/10 boot entry

1. Log on to the operating system which boot entry you do NOT need to delete. Sign in using an administrator user account.

2. Press the WINDOWS+R hotkey, type msconfig and click OK.

3. In the System Configuration window open the Boot tab.

Boot tab

4. Select the boot entry, that you want to remove and click Delete.

Delete entry

5. Click OK, and then click Exit without restart.

Delete all Windows XP boot entries

Windows XP boot entries are not listed in msconfig, there is another way to remove them from Windows 10 boot manager.

Warning. After completing these steps all the existing Windows XP boot entries will be removed. Do not follow the instructions if you plan to use Windows XP that is currently installed on your computer. If you want to delete only some of the entries, use the EasyBCD tool instead.

1. Sign in to Windows 10 using an administrator user account.

2. Run the Command Prompt as administrator.

3. Type the following commands and press ENTER after an each one*:

%windir%\system32\bcdedit.exe /default {current}

%windir%\system32\bcdedit.exe /displayorder {current} /addfirst

%windir%\system32\bcdedit.exe /delete {ntldr} /f

* Point the command to learn its purpose.

4. Close the Command Prompt window.

If you experience any difficulties with running those commands, you can download the DeleteXPfromBCD.bat and run it as an administrator.

Read more about the BCDEdit tool options.


Although the previously described methods are correct and recommended, you can use the EasyBCD tool if any extra boot entries have not been deleted or if you need to remove only some of the XP entries.

1. Download, install and run the EasyBCD tool.

2. Click Edit Boot Menu.

3. Make sure that the copy of Windows, that you do NOT need to delete, is checked as default. If it isn't, check it.

4. Select the name of Windows that you want to remove from Windows 10 boot manager and click Delete.

5. Click Yes.

6. Click Save settings.

7. Now you can close and uninstall the tool.