Windows 10Configuration

Disk Management

How to configure AutoPlay in Windows 10

Windows 10 allows users to easily configure the AutoPlay settings for a various types of devices and media, depending on their content.

Check disk in Windows 10

Check disk in Windows 10 may be performed using the command-line or graphical user interface. The GUI tool is easier to use, but the command-line tool has advanced options. To start or schedule a disk check you need to log on to Windows 10 as an administrator.

How to assign letter to drive

If you need to assign a letter to a drive or change an assigned letter, read this article.

Enable or disable NTFS compression in Windows 10

By default Windows 10 is configured to compress system files that are stored on NTFS volumes and that were not used in a long time. This is implemented to free up an additional disk space while retaining the ability to access the files. However, your computer may work slower while the compression is running, because it is a resource-intensive process.