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How to configure AutoPlay in Windows 10


Windows 10 allows users to easily configure the AutoPlay settings for a various types of devices and media, depending on their content.

For instance, users can allow audio CD and video DVD to play automatically, and disallow autorun for CD with mixed content. Also the autorun technology may be disabled for all media types.

To configure AutoPlay open Control Panel > AutoPlay.

AutoPlay in Control Panel

Next to an each type of media or device, that is supporting the AutoPlay feature, you can see a drop-down list of the actions, that may happen when the media or device is inserted into the computer. Three basic actions are available for all the types:

  • Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer (the inserted media or device is opened as a folder);
  • Take no action (AutoPlay is disabled for this type of devices or media);
  • Ask me every time (every time the device is inserted, user is prompted to choose an action).

There are additional actions available for some devices and media types.


Select the desired action for an each type and click on the Save button.

To restore the initial AutoPlay settings for all types, scroll down the list of devices and media types, click Reset all defaults, and then click Save.

To disable AutoPlay for all devices and media types uncheck Use AutoPlay for all media and devices and click Save.

To open AutoPlay for a particular media or device while the AutoRun is disabled for its type, hold down the SHIFT key when you insert it into your computer.