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How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10


This article describes the way to change screen resolution in Windows 10.

1. Right-click on the desktop and select Display settings.

Display settings

2. On the bottom of the Display settings window click Advanced display settings.

Advanced display settings

3. Select the desired resolution from the list and click on the Apply button.


4. Click Keep changes to apply the selected screen resolution or Revert to go back and select another resolution.

Keep or revert changes

5. If you don't see the screen resolution that you want to set, then scroll down the Advanced display settings window and under the Related settings section click Display adapter properties.

Display adapter properties

6. In the adapter properties window on the Adapter tab click List all modes.

List all modes

Note. Adapter properties window may appear on the background without a button on the taskbar. So if you don't see it after clicking on the Display adapter properties link, then minimize the Advanced display settings window.

7. Select the proper mode from the list and click OK, and then click Apply.

Additional resolutions list

9. Click Keep changes if you like what you see.

Apply the selected screen resolution

Otherwise click Revert and try to select another screen resolution.