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Security and Privacy

How to Turn On or Off Security and Maintenance Messages in Windows 10

As you may know, Action Center was renamed into Security and Maintenance in Windows 10. But it still performs the same functions as Action Center did in the previous versions of Windows. Particularly, it checks the most important software and system components for issues, and displays notifications if something is going wrong. You can choose, which messages should be displayed and which ones should be hidden.

How to download and install Microsoft Hotfix in Windows 10

Hotfix is a patch for the operating system, that may contain troubleshooting tools or add-ons for Windows functions. Many hotfixes are preliminary versions of the upcoming Windows updates. Usually a hotfix is created to solve a particular issue and it should be installed only when it is required. Every single hotfix is intended for a specific version of Windows.

How to Protect Your Windows 10 Product Key

The product key is required to activate Windows 10. And although the product key is not used after the successful activation, it remains in Windows 10 system registry. For security purposes it may be removed from the registry shortly after completing the activation.

Turn Windows Firewall on or off in Windows 10

When Windows Firewall is configured properly it can protect your computer from different network threats. Furthermore, using Windows Firewall you can adjust how the installed applications can use network connections and even block some programs from accessing network. But if you have installed a third-party firewall software, such as Vista Firewall, then it is recommended to disable Windows Firewall to avoid possible software conflicts.

How to Rename Your Computer in Windows 10

There are two ways to change your computer name in Windows 10. When a new name is assigned Windows 10 is restarting. Therefore it is recommended to close all the running applications and save the opened files before you begin.