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How to download and install Microsoft Hotfix in Windows 10


Hotfix is a patch for the operating system, that may contain troubleshooting tools or add-ons for Windows functions. Many hotfixes are preliminary versions of the upcoming Windows updates. Usually a hotfix is created to solve a particular issue and it should be installed only when it is required. Every single hotfix is intended for a specific version of Windows.

Hotfixes are distributed in self-extracting ZIP archives. To request and download a hotfix from the Microsoft Support website, user is prompted to specify an email address. To unpack some downloaded archives, user should type the password that is sent automatically to the specified email address.

Download and installation

1. Go to the hotfix request page.

2. Read the agreement and accept it.

3. Select your version of Windows, type your email address and click Request hotfix.

4. The hotfix email is delivered to the specified email address within several minutes. It is contained the link to download the hotfix and password to unpack the downloaded file (only if the hotfix is password protected).

5. Download the file.

Downloaded file

6. Double-click on the downloaded file, then click Continue and select the folder where you want to unpack the hotfix installation package to.

Select a folder to unpack the hotfix files to

7. Type the password if it is requested.

Enter password

8. Open the folder that is contained the unpacked installation package and run the executable file.

9. When you are prompted to confirm the installation, provide the confirmation.

10. Restart the computer.

Note. It is strongly recommended to download hotfixes from the website only. The hotfixes downloaded from other sites may be counterfeit and might contain malicious software.