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How to Turn On or Off Security and Maintenance Messages in Windows 10


As you may know, Action Center was renamed into Security and Maintenance in Windows 10. But it still performs the same functions as Action Center did in the previous versions of Windows. Particularly, it checks the most important software and system components for issues, and displays notifications if something is going wrong. You can choose, which messages should be displayed and which ones should be hidden.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Click Security and Maintenance.

Security and Maintenance

3. In the left menu click Change Security and Maintenance settings.

Security and Maintenance settings

4. Check or clear a checkbox to turn on or off security or maintenance messages about it.

Security messages:

  • Windows Update
  • Internet security settings
  • Network firewall
  • Microsoft account
  • Windows activation
  • Spyware and unwanted software protection
  • User Account Control
  • Virus protection
  • SmartScreen

Maintenance messages:

  • Windows Backup
  • Automatic Maintenance
  • Drive status
  • Device software
  • Startup apps
  • Windows Troubleshooting
  • HomeGroup
  • File History
  • Storage Spaces
  • Work Folders

I recommend you to turn on the system notifications about such important items as Virus protection, Network firewall, etc to fix any possible security issues in time.