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How to Rename Your Computer in Windows 10


There are two ways to change your computer name in Windows 10. When a new name is assigned Windows 10 is restarting. Therefore it is recommended to close all the running applications and save the opened files before you begin.

Method I: Using System Properties

1. Open System Properties.

2. On the Computer Name tab click on the Change button.

Change computer name

3. Delete the current name from the Computer name field and type a new name.

Add a new name

4. Click on OK.


5. Click on OK.

6. Click Restart now to save a new computer name and restart the computer.

Method II: Using Settings

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to System.

System settings

3. In the left menu click on About.


4. Click on the Rename PC button.

Rename PC

5. Put a new name and click Next.

Type a new name

6. Click Restart now to restart the computer and assign a new name to your computer or click Restart later if you need to close some running programs or save files.