Windows 10Configuration

Taskbar and Start Menu

How to hide or show most used items on Start or the taskbar

By default, the most used applications list is displayed on the Start menu. You can hide that list if you want, using these instructions.

How to return old school taskbar view in Windows 10

If you don't like the modern style of Windows 10 taskbar, you can make it more similar to the taskbar in the earlier versions of Windows.

Quick launch in Windows 10

The Quick Launch toolbar is missing on Windows 10 taskbar, but this problem can be solved.

Configure the Search button on the taskbar in Windows 10

By default, the search box is displayed on Windows 10 taskbar. You can change its appearance or hide it if you want.

How to hide or show the Task View button on Windows 10 taskbar

By default the Task View button is displayed on the taskbar in Windows 10.