Windows 10Installation

Change The Primary Display Language In Windows 10


Log on to Windows 10 as an administrator to be able to change the primary display language. Close all open applications and save your files before you begin.

1. Open Control Panel > Language.

2. In the list of languages click Options next to the language that you want to set as the display language.

Select a language

3. Click Make this the primary language.

Make this the primary language

4. Click Log off later.

Log off later

5. Go back to the list of languages and in the left menu click on the link that says Change date, time or number formats.

Change date, time or number formats

6. On the Formats tab select Match Windows display language (recommended) if another option is selected.

Match Windows display language

7. On the Location tab select your country name.

Select your country name

8. Click Apply and switch to the Administrative tab.

9. On the Administrative tab under Welcome screen and new user accounts click Copy settings.

Copy settings

10. In the opened window check both the following checkboxes:

Welcome screen and system accounts;
New user accounts.

Copy your current settings to

11. Click OK.

12. When you are prompted to restart the computer, click Cancel to restart later.

Cancel restart

13. Return back to the Administrative tab of the Region settings (that window should be open if you didn't close it). Under Language for non-Unicode programs click Change system locale.

Language for non-Unicode programs

14. In the Region Settings window select your language from the list and click OK.

Change system locale

15. Now when you're prompted to restart your computer, click Restart now.

Restart now